Mrs. Shivalika Dhillon

A teacher has to be a role model for the pupils put under his care. Therefore mere theoretical teaching of ideals and moral cannot be efficacious at all if the teacher himself is devoid of moral quality which he teaches. It is just like burning up one lamp with another. Example is better than percept. It is worth remembering that if the teacher, who suggests, gives advice or exhorts to follow certain ideals without having the same ideals in his own behaviors must fail. Conduct is more efficacious than mere sermons. One should remember that what one gives in words dies, but what one gives in action lives.

Keeping this philosophy in view, the future teachers will be trained to be true to themselves, to their pupils and to the society as a whole.

The main objective of Angel’s College of Education is to provide service to the student’s rural area.

I welcome all entrants and express my heart felt good wishes to all.

Mrs. Shivalika Dhillon
Vice Chairperson